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An ancient evil arises once more from the sands of Egypt and threatens to engulf the mortal world in darkness. Only an Avatar of the gods could challenge this dark force and save mankind from devastation.

In The Quill Sisters you take on the role of archaeologist Ashley “Ash” Quill and delve into hidden and secret parts of one of the Great Pyramids of Egypt. As you descend deeper into these unexplored catacombs and ancient tombs you must battle the forces of evil every step of the way: facing down threats such as mummies, flesh-eating scarabs, and more.

Fast-paced hack-’n’-slash

Don the battle gear of Bastet as her Avatar and shred your way through your enemies with the powerful weapons and abilities at your disposal. Maneuver the battlefield with agility, speed and grace as you embrace and learn your new powers. Unleash powerful and rapid attack combos on your foes, grow your skill, and become unstoppable!

Egyptian mythology

Characters and enemies in the game are inspired by the rich and vivid history and mythology of Egypt. The physical setting is the inside of one of the Great Pyramids, in previously unknown and uncharted areas. Your journey will be filled with iconic enemies, environments, and characters, while also drawing parallels to the modern world and society.

Powerful unique abilities

Defeat powerful foes and make their attacks and abilities your own! As you vanquish certain powerful enemies they will release empowering ability orbs that unlock new skills for you to use to destroy the forces of evil. Burn your foes with the fury of the sun god Ra, or turn them to dust through the glare of the moon god Khonsu’s powerful eye.

Challenging bosses

Most of your enemies will fall like chaff before the wind, but these ancient champions of evil won’t go down so easily! Take on unique and powerful bosses with challenging and varied mechanics that will test your abilities and resolve. Persevere and you will be victoriously rewarded… stumble and you will fall!


The team consists of 9 developers:

  • Erik Pilström - Producer, Engineer, Level Designer/Scripter
  • Maximiliam Rosén (website) - Lead Engineer, Engineer, System Designer
  • Line Skaraas - Lead Artist, Level Artist, Asset Artist
  • Andreas Berzelius - Engineer, UI/UX Designer
  • Keziah Ferreira Dos Santos - Sound Designer/Composer, Level Designer/Scripter
  • Markus Bergström — Lead Designer, System Designer, Level Designer/Scripter
  • Markus Hag - Asset Artist, Animator
  • Set Engberg - Asset Artist, Animator
  • Viktor Dahlberg - Engineer, Technical Artist

More Specific Credits

  • Producer - Erik Pilström 
  • Lead Engineer - Maximiliam Rosén
    • Engineers Viktor Dahlberg, Andreas Berzelius , Erik Pilström
  • Lead Designer - Markus Bergström
  • System Designers - Markus Bergström, Maximiliam Rosén
  • Level Designer - Keziah Ferreira Dos Santos, Markus Bergström, Erik Pilström
  • Lead Artist - Line Skaraas
    • 3D Artists - Markus Hag (Character Artist), Set Engberg (Prop Artist, Character Artist), Line Skaraas (Environment Artist)
  • Animation - Markus Hag , Set Engberg, Erik Pilström, Maximiliam Rosén
  • VFX Artist - Viktor Dahlberg
  • UX Lead - Andreas Berzelius
  • UI Artist - Line Skaraas
  • Music - Nicolas Jeudy DARK FANTASY STUDIO, Keziah Ferreira Dos Santos
  • SFX - Keziah Ferreira Dos Santos, Maximiliam Rosén
  • Cinematics - Maximiliam Rosén
  • Writer - Erik Pilström
  • Voice Acting - Josefin Bast (Ashley “Ash” Quill & Bastet), Line Skaraas (Zoe Quill)
  • Additional Assets - Ferocious Industries

System minimum requirements

  • RAM: 8 GB or more
  • CPU: Intel i5-4670k or better / Ryzen 5 1600 or better
  • GPU: NVIDIA 1060 3GB equivalent or better

Save file locations

  • Windows: %userprofile%\Appdata\Locallow\Line and the Boys\The Quill Sisters
  • Linux: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/unity3d or $HOME/.config/unity3d
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Line and the Boys/The Quill Sisters


The game assets have been created using an EDU Maya license. The reason for being uploaded to this site is only for educational purposes only, and that's to receive feedback for our game and improve as game developers. This game itself will not be monetized in any way possible, which means that nobody will be able to donate money for this game.


the-quill-sisters-linux-universal.zip 4 GB
Version 1 Oct 14, 2021
the-quill-sisters-windows.zip 4 GB
Version 1 Oct 14, 2021
the-quill-sisters-mac.zip 4 GB
Version 1 Oct 14, 2021


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