A short space puzzle game where you need to escape!

  • Sci-fi adventure/thriller
  • Puzzle solving
  • Unique sneak system


  • Maximiliam Rosén(website): Game Designer, Lead programmer, Gameplay and AI programmer
  • Andreas Berzelius: Gameplay and Input Programmer
  • Line Skaraas: Texture designer, Character and Assets artist
  • Markus Hag: Creatures artist
  • Keziah Ferreira Dos Santos: Audio designer/Composer/Sound engineer, Environment Artist

The game assets have been created using an EDU Maya license. The reason for being uploaded to this site is only for educational purposes only, and that's to receive feedback for our game and improve as game developers. This game itself will not be monetized in any way possible, which means that nobody will be able to donate money for this game.

The browser version of this game is heavily compressed and this can lead to input lag, bad performance and bad texture quality, therefore we recommend to download the executable instead!


SignalParadox_MAC.zip 274 MB
SignalParadox_LINUX.zip 293 MB
SignalParadox_WIN.zip 265 MB

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